First Saga

0000 Campaign begins
0001 Confrontation with Helmer
0501 Our heroes are transported into the future
0502 To Ravenloft
0502 Pete and Repeat Strike
0502 Search for the Gauntlets of Power
0502 World Travelers
0502 Savage Lands
0502 Heroes meet Aternus/Jacob
0502 Heroes meet Courtni
0502 Confrontation with Githyanki
0503 Undead Army
0503 Kinden city of Pirates
0503 Undead Army attacks Kinden, Kinden is destroyed
0503 Undead Army defeated/deterred
0503 Baron makes a saddle out of Rune Striker‘s shoes, hot, sand, burn
0504 Striker Family Curse
0504 Raven makes Argo Striker a vampire
0504 Rune Striker seeks the help of an evil druid and becomes a wooden boy!
0504 Rune Striker becomes a spirit
0504 Rune Striker inhabits an ostridge egg and later a dragon egg
0505 Rune Striker is slayed by a dragon slayer who later becomes a vampire slayer
0505 Rune Striker possesses Argo Striker
0505 The battle of wills between Argo Striker and Rune Striker. Argo Striker becomes two beings an evil vampire controlled by Rune Striker and a good Human controlled by Argo Striker. Rune Striker says he will ruin Argo Striker by using his likeness to murder and steal from people. Argo Striker pushed Rune Striker into the sunlight therby scorching his face.
0505 Rune Striker is forced out of the sunlight and to travel only by night. One day he is stuck under a bed on a farm and the farmer and his wife get it on while Rune Striker is trapped below.
0505 Argo Striker goes in search of Triconia
0506 Argo Striker reclaims Triconia
0506 Rune Striker is killed by the Vampire Slayer
0506 Rune Striker recovers his body
0506 Rune Striker claims the ruins of Kinden
0507 Argo Striker and Nina wed?
0508 Triconia is built into one of the most glorious kingdoms in the lands. Argo Striker has multiple Kingdoms though including a secret underwater Kingdom and a Island Refurge
0508 Kinden is rebuilt and Rune Striker rules it with a strong arm
0508 Baron creates a thieves guild strategically placed between both Kingdoms so he can steal from both of them
0508 Baron plots to kill both Argo Striker and Rune Striker. He poisons Argo Striker’s horse and disintegrates his sword. He burns down Rune Striker‘s Mages Guild and then has clones of each made.
0508 Argo Striker and Rune Striker each destroy their clones
0508 Argo Striker destroys Baron’s Thieves Guild and Baron fears for his life
0509 Argo Striker forges his new Elemental Armor
0509 Argo Striker fakes his own death. Rune Striker and Baron are stunned. Crystal the Samurai runs the Kingdom in Argo Striker’s stead.
0509 Argo Striker Lives!
0509 Argo Striker searches for the Gauntlets of Power
0510 Nina is killed and the God of Death claims her soul for his own.
0510 Argo Striker defies the Gods and rescues Nina killing the God of Death in the process
0510 Argo Striker and Nina are sentenced to an Eternity of Solitude, Argo Striker as a prisoner, Nina as a guest of the Gods. Argo Striker is left to rot in solitary confinement

Jacob becomes Aternus


The Fall of Dresden Kingdom

0862 Erik Dresden, the illegitamate son of a Human King is born. He is destined to become King.
0879 Erik sets out to claim his thorne, Wrath Kilborn his oldest friend sets out to fuck him over
0884 The united forces of Dwarves – led by the Guardian, Elves – led by Alex and Cera, and Men – led by Erik and Kelvin are battling Orcs, Undead, and Drow led by the Dark Brotherhood and their leader a cunning young Druid/Necromancer
0885 The Necromancers create an unnatural orc whose size and strength is vastly superior to any orc or human. These creates known as Orc Warlords are terrifying but, have no will of their own being controlled completely by the Necromancers.
0886 Wrath betrays Erik and the Alliance forces are crushed. Kelvin turns his back on the war.
0886 The Alliance forces are defeated.
0886 Alex leads a pregnant Cera and the survivors to Dresden Stronghold.
0887 Xeno Dresden Dresden, the son of the Human King and Elven Princess is born
0887 The Greater Evil continues to call out to those that might free him. The Necromancers use all their combined forces to search the Kingdom of Dresden for the Greater Evil.
0890 The sole remaining High Priest of Corellon establishes a church in Dresden Stronghold with Fallon’s assistance. 0892 The Dwarven Kingdom and the Guardian fall at the hands of the Necromancers, Orcs and Dark Elves.
0893 The Necromancers and the orcs turn on the Dark Elves killing many of them and sending the remaining fleeing for the Underdark.
0894 The search for the Greater Evil continues
0895 The remaining good races flee to Dresden Stronghold. Alex weary of the use of dark magic demands that no one use arcane magic of any sort within the city. The penalty is death.
0895 Lucian and Little Bastard enter Dresden Stronghold.
0896 Xeno Dresden becomes a Cleric in the service of Corellon.

The Second Saga

0897 The Orcs and Necromancers are closing in
0897 Scavenging and Looting
0897 The Guardian returns
0897 Chase the Giant Killer
0897 Enter Kelvin & The Assasin
0897 Burning the Orc Towers
0897 In Search of the High Priest
0897 Saving Your Nemesis
0897 Kelsie comes into the story?(I cant remember when or how lmao)
0898 1st Attack of the Necromancers
0898 The Heroes meet Dain and first here of his Kingdom
0898 Kelvin dispatches the Assasin
0898 Alex tries to turn over Kelsie to the Necromancers but, Kelvin attacks the Necromancers killing many of them
0898 Pregnancy
0899 The World Freezes
0899 Talamos
0899 Jason tries 1000 characters
0899 Charles Paladin is eaten
0900 The Wood Elf City
0900 Wood Elf Chieftan goes mad and begins eating corpses
0900 Corellon begins turning against his followers, he send his avatar to confront Xeno Dresden and Alex defeats the Avatar
0900 Xeno Dresden is a free agent, Signs a 5 year contract with Garl Glittergold
0900 Fallon begins going mad
0900 The Freeze is over
0900 Argo Striker Returns
0900 The Druid/Necromancer reveals himself and joins a huge force of Orcs and Necromancers that is waiting outside the city gates.
0900 The Necromancers and Orcs are defeated and retreat
0901 The Greater Evil is released by Fallon
0901 The Crusade
0901 Dain’s Kingdom
0901 Forcing the Orcs back and making them retreat
0901 Reclaimed the Dwarven Kingdom
0901 Dain reveals himself, as a Dark Elf, to his people and he goes from being a hero to a villian in thier eyes
0902 The Druid/Necromancer becomes a Lich, our Heroes Escape by Airship
0902 The Lich kills the remaining Necromancers
0902 The Lich turns Dain’s city into an undead city
0902 Kelsie is a talking, floating severed head
0902 In a battle with the Lich and his undead, Dain is hurt and he starts becoming undead
0902 The Lich and our Heroes are pulled in by the Mists of Ravenloft
0903 Enter Strife Cade Cade
0903 Lord Death 0903 In a Final Confrontation our heroes defeat the Necromancer/Lich only to be ambushed by a more powerful Lich, Azalin
0903 In their 1st encounter Azalin easily kills everyone except Xeno Dresden and flees
0903 In their 2nd encounter Azalin is defeated by our Heroes and they unwittingly carry his phylactery(a ring) back through to the prime material plane. Ezra the embodiment of Ravenloft is also allowed to escape causing the plane of Ravenloft to collapse upon itself.

Death of a God

0904 Corellon is killed by the Evil Gods
0904 At Corellon’s Funeral all the Good Gods are there to pay homage to him
0904 The Evil Gods come and a war breaks out between the Good and Evil Gods
0904 Corellon’s Undead Corpse rises(Controlled by the Greater Evil, although no one knows this)
0904 He shoots Ezra’s Eyes out and Disintegrates Azalin’s Phylactery(Ezra was The Greater Evil’s Wife long ago) killing them both
0904 Terrified Gods scatter and Corellon chases them through a portal
0905 The Greater Evil using Corellon’s corpse as a vessel begins creating a new undead army
0905 The “Choice” and subsequent escape
0905 The Battle for Dresden Kingdom
0905 Alex and the Guardian both die while Kelvin is speared by the avatar of Grumsh. This avatar is pushed through a portal by an airship and earth elemental summoned by Xeno Dresden
0905 Elishar(Glowstick) tells our Heroes that Kelvin has survived and he needs help on Grumsh plane of existance
0905 Kelvin is saved from the Orc Plain, an Orc Wench has her ass beat in the process
0905 This begins a blood feud between the Sons of Grumsh and our Heroes
0905 Dresden Kingdom is restored and reinhabited

0906 Nina is kidnapped from the Heavens by Lolth and Grumsh. Argo Striker went to save her but he killed a group of Balors in the service of Demogorgon in the process. This began a feud between Argo Striker and Demogorgon.
0906 Our Heroes go their separate ways

Strife Cade’s Saga

0906 We see Strife Cade‘s homeland and meet his family and girlfriend. Strife Cade is forced to fight his older brother, his older brother tries to kill him in a jealous rage over a family sword
0906 Strife Cade defeats Bloodrage, taking the Dragon’s eye and making it flee
0906 Strife Cade meets Aternus
0906 Argo Striker returns to find a raciest Triconia
0906 Xeno Dresden is rebuilding his Kingdom
0906 Strife Cade disrespects Aternus master and it costs him his girlfriend’s life “Do you know the difference between a Devil and a Demon?”
0906 A demon messenger is sent through a portal to confront Argo Striker, Demogorgon is demanding his revenge. Argo Striker kills the demon and throws its head back through the portal landing at Demogorgon’s feet.
0906 Strife Cade meets Merlin, Argo Striker‘s Gay Lover
0906 Merlin leaves for Triconia
0907 Kluricher Demons destroy Triconia and their is a purple smear
0907 The Klurichers are uber cheap and pwn Argo Striker and Strife Cade, Xeno Dresden saves the day
0907 The Party meets Marcus the Gatekeeper
0907 Marcus transports the Party in DemoGorgon’s Lair but, they escape the Kraken infested waters
0907 Our Heroes are hunting Marcus down
0907 Argo Striker finds Marcus and rushes him inside a building, he doesn’t see a Son of Grumsh in the building waiting for him. Argo Striker is killed in one shot. Strife Cade and Xeno Dresden are killed and Xeno Dresden is tortured mercilessly.
0907 Falloon takes their bodies to the Gods and they are entered into Divine Ascension
0907 Argo Striker learns the true purpose of his release, to help the others stop the Greater Evil
0908 Fallon reveals himself to the party and explains that Corellin let himself be killed to provide the Greater Evil with a vessel. Once he was trapped in Corellon’s body he could be destroyed once and for all. Corellon is reborn as a baby who is growing rapidly.
0908 Aternus pledges his alligience to the allies in their war against evil
0908 A war between all the good and evil gods, including Argo Striker, Xeno Dresden, Strife Cade, Alex, Fallon, Cera, Aternus, Raven, The Guardian and many other Champions of the Gods and Heroes and Villians takes place.
0908 Xeno Dresden, Argo Striker and Strife Cade defeat Demogorgon
0908 Aternus turns on Fallon killing him
0908 With Aternus’ help the Greater Evil defeats our heroes and destroys everything as his dying wish
0909 The Prime Material Plane has been through an apocolypse, Aternus who was promised endless power by the Greater Evil plans to go back in time and change the outcome. What good is endless power if the world is destroyed
0909 Aternus convinces Strife Cade, Xeno Dresden and Argo Striker to help him make things right
0909 Our Heroes go back in time and defeat Demogorgon again, they defeat The Greater Evil as well but, it costs Elishar his life to destroy the Greater Evil. He says it is the only way to balance the universe.He also says that good will live on in the hearts of those left behind
0909 Everything is Good(Yeah Right!)
0909 Our Heroes and Aternus go their separate ways
0914 Aternus is a growing threat, Argo Striker, Xeno Dresden and Strife Cade are forced to drive him from Kinden

The Third Saga

0926 Kale Striker, Tanaros Dresden, and Tanus Cade the three sons of the three great kingdoms arrive in Kinden
0926 The three seek out or are approached by guilds, Thief guild: Tanus, Mage Guild: Kale, City guard: Tanaros
0926 Faught the spiders in wererat caves
0926 Sent on a mission by Galaxis to find Zaccari. Fought Zaccari, but he escaped.
0926 Fought in the Kinden Arena. Fights fixed by arena champion, champion fored to fight to the death, byt escaped. Traveled with champion’s son to hunt him down.
0926 Traveled by boat to *. Learned about The Chained One.
0926 Aternus, Argo, Strife and Xeno defeat Galaxis and take back Kinden as a war between the guards, undead and some Demons from the Abyss.
0926 Encountered a group of hooded figured attempting to enter Kinden. Attacked them and got our asses kick. Taken to the underdark and imprisoned. Soon after ended up in the abyss and then freed by Aternus.


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