Kinden is a huge port city and the base of operations for the heroes in my 4th edition campaign. It has been an important location for many of the stories and adventures that make up the Legacy Campaign. It has a rich and varied history.

King Nothing

Kinden was once ruled by King Gunnar Kinden. He was killed in a pirate raid and his son become known as king nothing, chained to the fountains in the city and ridiculed by citizens and guards alike. The city was under pirate rule for many years. Some believe Gunnar will rise from the dead and claim the city once more.

Undead Army

Argo Striker lead a epic battle against an undead army but, ultimately he could not defeat the overwhelming force. He lead the survivers to safety through a series of underground passages and waterways.

Rune’s Reign

Rune Striker ruled Kinden for some time, eventually a combination of idiocy and evil lead him back to the mists of Ravenloft.

City of Blackguards

Kinden was once ruled by Aeternus(Paladin Jacob from the original trilogy) and his legion of Blackguards. He built a massive keep in the mountains near Kinden. He also built a Necropolis to keep the dead.


Kinden was liberated in a great battle between Argo, Strife, Xeno and Aeternus and his Blackguards. Aeternus keep is said to have broken off from the mountainside. Some say it floated into the sky while others insist it fell into the ocean.


Kinden is a free city that is currently governed by a 12 member Kinden Council. The catacombs beneath the city are infested with wererats.


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