Triconia is a large island located in the center of * and the legendary birth place of Lord Striker.

Population: 2,674,789 (Human 37%, Eladrin 14%, Elven 16%, Half-Elven 13%,other 20%) genasi population boom
Important People of Triconia

Government: Primary: Monarchy / Secondary: Oligarchy

Religons: All allowed. Houses a major temple of Pelor.

Main Imports:

Main Exports:

Alignment: All

Life and Society:




Major Georgaphical Features:

  • - Lockeheed Forest
    Lockeheed forest is the primary hunting ground for the capital city and surrounding villages of Triconia. The central forest itself is home to a majority of the elven residents of the island of Triconia. Lockeheed hosts an impressive variety of animal and plant life under the watchful eye of those dedicated to the preservation of the forests natural beauty (Circle of Thorns).

Important Sites:

  • - Arlandria (Capital City/Kingdom)
    Arlandria is the capital city of Triconia and is home to most of the islands recorded population.
  • - Northstar Arena
    This arena is one of the main attractions that draw people to Arlandria. Weekly events are held in the area to provide entertainment to the citizens of Triconia and to draw in visitors from other nations. The largest event to draw people to the area is the annual tournaments held for honor and glory.

Regional History:

Plots and Rumors:

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