The Legacy Campaign


A wizard wearing all black approaches Aternus and he says the ritual is ready. Galaxis makes his way towards the cliffs overlooking the sea. The Necromancer begins to chant and the ocean churns fiercely. One by one sunken ships manned by skeletal crews rise from beneath the waves. The skeletons are working quickly to repair damage to these sunken vessels. In the distance you can see an entire fleet of sunken ships rising and sailing into the harbor. Galaxis tells Aternus that his fleet will be ready soon. Within minutes hundreds of ships can be seen making there way towards Kinden.

The sun high in the sky begins glowing brightly and releases and explosion of light. A wave of light pours over everyone and everything. A holy fire engulfs all evil creatures. The skeletons and lesser undead disintegrate and the risen ships sink to the bottom of the ocean again. Blackguards and Necromancers scream in pain. The Blackguards are shedding their armor as if it’s on fire but, it’s not the metal and steel but, the Evil that Pelor is targetting. Galaxis, writhing in pain and rolling about, tumbles over the edge of the cliffs falling hundreds of feet into the ocean below. Evil dragons take flight some surviving, others succumbing to the holy fire…

Paladinof pelor

A flash of light and Pelor is standing there with you on the stage. Evil decimated in every direction, some dead, others dying. Cinder cries out in pain before flying away to seek shelter.

Aternus is unscathed and the look on his face and the hand on his sword tells you he is undeterred. You can see a primal rage in his eyes as he looks upon Pelor.

“It’s interesting that you would call Xeno a coward Jacob, you are the one hiding from the past.” Says Pelor.

“Get at your meaning old man, these are you last words, choose them carefully.” growls Aternus. “You don’t know how long I have waited for this day, I have watched you die at my hands a thousand times in my mind. You killed my family, you destroyed my life.”

“No,” yells Pelor “You destroyed that yourself.”

“My own Order of Paladins murdered my family at your command!” cried Aternus.

“Hundreds of years have passed and you still lie to yourself my Son. On your final Crusade, as you were set to leave the Order, you brought something dark back with you. You were possessed by the spirit of Tharizdun, the Chained God. The demon who created the Abyss. You attacked and killed several Paladins on the trip home. Those who escaped regrouped with the rest of the Order and went to protect your family. Those Paladins died trying to protect your family from you. Once you wiped them out you murdered your wife and children. They died by your hands.”

Tears stream down Aternus face,“No, that is not true Father.”

“Yes it is, you know it is true. You have been punishing yourself for all these years. You disappeared into vast Abyss before I could reach you. I searched for you but, believed that you were destroyed by Tharizdun. Years later I heard rumors of a dark paladin leading the Devils of the Nine Hells against the Demons of the Abyss in there endless war. I didn’t want to believe it was you Jacob. I could not accept that a pillar of light cold be consumed by darkness. Now I believe Tharizdun planned to turn us against each other in hopes that we would destroy each other.”

Aternus falls to his knees, devastated. He is crying hysterically, a man completely broken by reality.

Pelor says,“If it would change what happened that day, I would tear down everyone of my temples brick by brick with you.” It’s time to come home and let the healing begin"

Pelor places his hand on Jacob’s shoulder and with another flash of flight Pelor and Jacob disappear together.

Destruction surrounds you but, you can see Cinder making his way back to you. He lands and demands to know where Aternus is. Then he changes his mind.

“It doesn’t matter, he was just a pawn in my game. Tiamat has sent me to destroy you!” Cinder inhales and then unleashes her firey breath weapon upon the party.


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