The Legacy Campaign

Recap 1

I just wanted to cover what happened on Saturday briefly, we can add additional details later
-Cinder was defeated and nearly killed, he retreated deep into his swampy fortress. The group gave chase but, decided it wasn’t safe to explore the vast number of caves in the area
-Xeno, Argo and Strife each returned home
-Xeno fell into Wrath trap, Wrath wounded his Dragon and cut off his hand. Wrath did not try to kill him though. Xeno was later taunted by Wrath.
-Strife comes home to find the Orc Warlord waiting for him outside the city gates. Although Strife kills the Orc repeatedly he continually rises. The Orc also has an Aura that is rotting the vegetation and structures wherever he lies. Strife decides to open a portal to Grummsh and throw the Orc Warlord through but, with the portal open before him and the Orc Warlord in hand Strife is tackled through the portal by the Orc Priest.
-Argo awakes one night to find that Nerull is controlling his every move. Nerull tells Argo that he has a debt to pay and Argo must decide between taking his own life and Nina. Argo takes his own life.

-Xeno seeks out Aternus’ help meanwhile Wrath is stalking him, following him through the City of Gates. Xeno finds Aternus with Pelor and he has to decide between trying to find solace and helping his friends. Aternus argues with Pelor and he is told that if he chooses to leave he will not be welcomed back. Aternus and Xeno travel to the Underworld, they meet Argo who has escaped his bonds(repeatedly). Aternus threatens Nerull but, eventually Argo chokes Nerull with very chains that were used to inprison him. Argo chains Nerull’s body to his throne and Xeno lights his throne room ablaze for good measure. While they believe Nerull is dead, he is barely clinging to life.

-Gruumsh has had Strife inprisoned for days but, he decides to allow Strife to have his armor and weapons. Gruumsh tells Strife that his friends Xeno, Argo and Aternus are coming for him. Gruumsh plans to slay them all single handedly in another glorious defining moment for the Orc God. Gruumsh plans on sending a message to all that oppose him with his victory and relishes the thought of destroying people who have been such a thorn in his side.

-An epic battle takes place between Gruumsh and Argo, Aternus, Strife and Xeno. Argo and Strife land heavy blows while Xeno alternates between dealing damage and healing. Xeno’s mark allows him to counter almost every attack Gruumsh uses. Aternus deals damage while leveling the playing field. Gruumsh repeatedly brings party members to the brink of death but, he is rebuffed each time through healing, redemption, and pure fortitude. At one point Gruumsh is in trouble and his guards and clerics move to attack. Aternus creates a wall of Holy Fire that prevents them from interfering. Finally, knowing he is defeated Gruumsh begs for mercy but, a flurry of blows from Argo, Strife and Xeno silence him forever.


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