The Legacy Campaign

Gruumsh Aftermath

From what sources within the Orcish plane of Nishrak gather the death of Gruumsh has fueled the Orcs hatred for humans and elves. The plane boils with immense rage but, a struggle for power has developed between the Orcs.

Bahgtru, eldest and most powerful son of Gruumsh and also the Orc Deity of Strength and Combat has staked claim and the new God of all Orcs and Gruumsh’s rightful successor. Luthic, the wife of Gruumsh and mother of Bahgtru as well as the Orc Deity of fertility, females, servitude and medicine supports Bahgtru.

Ilneval the Orc Deity of Warfare and Gruumsh’s lieutenant has also staked claim to Gruumsh’s throne as the new God of all Orcs. He has the support of the Shargaas, the Orc Deity of Darkness and Thieves and Yurtris, the Orc Deity or Death and Disease.

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