The Legacy Campaign

Aternus'Response to Xeno

Aternus stares at Xeno in disbelief…

“Insanity? Maybe I am insane. Maybe I was a fool to warn you. I should have let you wait until Wrath was tearing you apart with his blades, blood and guts pouring through your hands onto the floor. I should have waited until the Gods that oppose you had the noose so tight around your neck that death was inevitable.”

Aternus pauses, “In all honesty, I did not expect your help nor care for your well being. I did not invite you here to join my cause, only to let you know what hides in the shadows. I invited you here, I warned you out of respect. Respect that is obviously not mutual. If it were not for Argo, you would still be hiding in a whole in the mountain. Praying that some harmless Orcs weren’t marching on Dresden Stronghold to finish your people off.”

“Your pathetic and your wasting my time. Run and hide, you coward.”


ChrisDixon JasonNoland

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