The Legacy Campaign

Aternus' offer

Note: This takes place 2 years after apocalypse was averted.

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Aternus summons Argo, Xeno and Strife to Kinden. When you arrive you see a huge army gathering. You also see representatives from every major kingdom and clan setting up camp in the forest just outside the city. Aternus has an announcement to make. Meanwhile, an army of Blackguards, Evil Clerics, Necromancers, Evil Dragons and Undead are gathering. Aternus can be seen riding atop Cinder, his Ancient half Red – Half Shadow Dragon, and watching every move very carefully. The citizens of Kinden seem unsettled but, Aternus has promised no harm will come to anyone.


People file into the city, you recognize some familiar faces and some unexpected guests like dark elves and orc clans. Aternus climbs off Cinder and stands on a makeshift platform he has had created. He thanks everyone for coming with a smug look on his face. He calls Argo, Xeno and Strife up onto the stage…

With Xeno, Argo and Strife standing behind him Aternus addresses the crowd. “The future, how much would you pay to know what the future holds? My friends and I have seen the future. An alternate future, a time and place where this world was utterly destroyed by the Gods that rule it.”

Aternus asks one of his men where the sphere is? A glowing sphere composed of balls of bright light floats before Aternus.

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“This sphere is from that future time. When the greatest sages on this plane realized the world was coming to an end they made an effort to save all their knowledge for whoever might survive. Thus the Sphere of Knowledge was born, beyond the insight of thousands of sages, it has untold power.”

Aternus motions towards the sphere and explains the sphere is showing all the major cities a vision of what is taking place today. “I don’t want anyone left out.”

…A large vision appears above Kinden, Dresden, Triconia, Rosewater and countless other cities in the realms.

“I want everyone to see this. The Gods are weak and pathetic. At this very time they are desperately trying to hold onto their power. You, all of you, owe me your lives. No, you owe the four of us your lives. When we found ourselves in a scorched world, in an apocolyptic future, we wouldn’t give up hope.”

“We found a way to turn back the hands of time, we defeated the Greater Evil and saved the world as you know it. And what thanks did we receive from the Gods? Fear, Hatred, Jealousy…Instead of seeing us as saviors they viewed us as a threat. Anyone, who has ambitions of greater power, is a threat.”

“The Gods have set in motion plans to destroy us. "

The Sphere of Knowledge displays a scene where the Gods are meeting, makes plans for the future.

“He is reckless and uncontrollable,” says Moradin – God of Dwarves. “He will change sides at the drop of a hat, the only code he believes in is his own,” adds Pelor – God of Sun, Light & Healing. Boccob – God of Magic says “His power grows with each passing day.” “His debt to me remains unpaid,” interrupts Nerull – God of the Underworld. “He served his purpose he should return to exile,” proclaims Pelor.

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Aternus addresses the confused crowd,“The are not talking about me, they are referring to Argo.” With the Time of Great Troubles and Elishar out of the picture, they want Argo to return to exile. To spend an Eternity in Solitude."

“They have released a great menace onto the Kingdom of Kinden.”

The sphere shows a scene from the dark streets of the capital city of Kinden. A Dark Elf is rushing towards the castle with both swords drawn. His usual calm and cool demeanor is gone, the fear in his eyes is like that of a hunted animal. Dain knows he is being followed but, his message from Cera for Xeno is of the highest importance.

Suddenly darkness from above crashes down on him, a flurry of steel and blood leave Dain slumped on the ground. He can’t breathe, when he reaches for his neck he can feel a gash and a gaping hole where his throat should be. Blood is pouring from a half dozen other wounds…his attacker merely circles him, taking pleasure in watching his life escaping and pouring onto the cobblestone streets. Dain is fading fast, in his final act he begins to write the name of his assailant on the ground in his own blood.


Artemis entreri by aditya777

Wrath lets out a sigh, “Stupid elf. Xeno won’t know I am here until it is too late…I am going to finish what I started”

Wrath slides his boot through the bloody letters making them incomprehensible and vultures some belongings from Dain’s body before disappearing into the shadows.>

“They Gods have called for the destruction of Strife…”

The Sphere of Knowledge displays a scene on the Orc Plane “You call yourself a Son of Grumsh, you call yourself my son?” Grumsh brutally beats the Orc Warlord until his hands bleed and the Orc Warlord’s face is a bloody mess. His eyes are swelling shut while blood pours from his mouth and nose. The only thing keeping him standing are the chains that bind him.

“Twice, you have emberrassed me. Twice, you have fallen at the hands of Strife Cade. This is your final chance, you will take a priest with you and hunt him down. I want his head on a pike! If you don’t succeed, don’t ever come back here, you are no Son of Grumsh.”


Aternus addresses the crowd again,“I have also been the subject of attacks but, the attempts however malevolent were so weak and heartless the details are insignificant. I’ll just say that Cinder has fed on the remains of several Avatars in days past. The Gods have attacked me and my friends. On this day, I declare a War with the Gods!”


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