The Legacy Campaign

Growing Shadows

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Two guards on night patrol in Triconia return after missing for several weeks. They tell a fantastic tale of chasing a tiny rogue through the graveyard into a mausoleum that has always been sealed(and appears to be sealed even now) and into another world. Something they can only describe as a Dark Triconia where a powerful and tyrannical Necromancer named Rune is King. He uses Necromancy, legions of undead and an Executioner named Northstar to maintain order in his domain.
Enter The Raven Queen

Although they believed Nerull to be dead he was not. Nerull was lingering on the verge of death. Severely injured, Nerull called out to The Raven Queen, a spirit of a powerful sorceress that he had made his consort and slave. Instead of helping Nerull, The Raven Queen led an uprising of the dead spirits and overthrew him. She killed Nerull and became the God of Death, Fate and Winter. She is also known the Mistress of the Shadowfell.

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Tharizdun Returns

While the 88th Layer of the Abyss still has no ruler in Demogorgon’s place his death is said to have awakened The Chained God, Tharizdun. Tharizdun created the Abyss. it is said that his followers are trying to funnel power to their God to release him from his bonds.

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Dave said something interesting about how it was possible to kill Gruumsh, as you all entered Divine Ascension a while ago at this point you would be considered Demi-Gods. Although you are not at maximum level your power outweighs that of mortals. If you were not Demi-Gods your attacks would have been nothing more than scratches on Gruumsh’s armor. Also, once you reach level 30 you will be Lesser Gods – of what? You will have to figure out what you want to represent.

Gruumsh Aftermath

From what sources within the Orcish plane of Nishrak gather the death of Gruumsh has fueled the Orcs hatred for humans and elves. The plane boils with immense rage but, a struggle for power has developed between the Orcs.

Bahgtru, eldest and most powerful son of Gruumsh and also the Orc Deity of Strength and Combat has staked claim and the new God of all Orcs and Gruumsh’s rightful successor. Luthic, the wife of Gruumsh and mother of Bahgtru as well as the Orc Deity of fertility, females, servitude and medicine supports Bahgtru.

Ilneval the Orc Deity of Warfare and Gruumsh’s lieutenant has also staked claim to Gruumsh’s throne as the new God of all Orcs. He has the support of the Shargaas, the Orc Deity of Darkness and Thieves and Yurtris, the Orc Deity or Death and Disease.

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Recap 1

I just wanted to cover what happened on Saturday briefly, we can add additional details later
-Cinder was defeated and nearly killed, he retreated deep into his swampy fortress. The group gave chase but, decided it wasn’t safe to explore the vast number of caves in the area
-Xeno, Argo and Strife each returned home
-Xeno fell into Wrath trap, Wrath wounded his Dragon and cut off his hand. Wrath did not try to kill him though. Xeno was later taunted by Wrath.
-Strife comes home to find the Orc Warlord waiting for him outside the city gates. Although Strife kills the Orc repeatedly he continually rises. The Orc also has an Aura that is rotting the vegetation and structures wherever he lies. Strife decides to open a portal to Grummsh and throw the Orc Warlord through but, with the portal open before him and the Orc Warlord in hand Strife is tackled through the portal by the Orc Priest.
-Argo awakes one night to find that Nerull is controlling his every move. Nerull tells Argo that he has a debt to pay and Argo must decide between taking his own life and Nina. Argo takes his own life.

-Xeno seeks out Aternus’ help meanwhile Wrath is stalking him, following him through the City of Gates. Xeno finds Aternus with Pelor and he has to decide between trying to find solace and helping his friends. Aternus argues with Pelor and he is told that if he chooses to leave he will not be welcomed back. Aternus and Xeno travel to the Underworld, they meet Argo who has escaped his bonds(repeatedly). Aternus threatens Nerull but, eventually Argo chokes Nerull with very chains that were used to inprison him. Argo chains Nerull’s body to his throne and Xeno lights his throne room ablaze for good measure. While they believe Nerull is dead, he is barely clinging to life.

-Gruumsh has had Strife inprisoned for days but, he decides to allow Strife to have his armor and weapons. Gruumsh tells Strife that his friends Xeno, Argo and Aternus are coming for him. Gruumsh plans to slay them all single handedly in another glorious defining moment for the Orc God. Gruumsh plans on sending a message to all that oppose him with his victory and relishes the thought of destroying people who have been such a thorn in his side.

-An epic battle takes place between Gruumsh and Argo, Aternus, Strife and Xeno. Argo and Strife land heavy blows while Xeno alternates between dealing damage and healing. Xeno’s mark allows him to counter almost every attack Gruumsh uses. Aternus deals damage while leveling the playing field. Gruumsh repeatedly brings party members to the brink of death but, he is rebuffed each time through healing, redemption, and pure fortitude. At one point Gruumsh is in trouble and his guards and clerics move to attack. Aternus creates a wall of Holy Fire that prevents them from interfering. Finally, knowing he is defeated Gruumsh begs for mercy but, a flurry of blows from Argo, Strife and Xeno silence him forever.


A wizard wearing all black approaches Aternus and he says the ritual is ready. Galaxis makes his way towards the cliffs overlooking the sea. The Necromancer begins to chant and the ocean churns fiercely. One by one sunken ships manned by skeletal crews rise from beneath the waves. The skeletons are working quickly to repair damage to these sunken vessels. In the distance you can see an entire fleet of sunken ships rising and sailing into the harbor. Galaxis tells Aternus that his fleet will be ready soon. Within minutes hundreds of ships can be seen making there way towards Kinden.

The sun high in the sky begins glowing brightly and releases and explosion of light. A wave of light pours over everyone and everything. A holy fire engulfs all evil creatures. The skeletons and lesser undead disintegrate and the risen ships sink to the bottom of the ocean again. Blackguards and Necromancers scream in pain. The Blackguards are shedding their armor as if it’s on fire but, it’s not the metal and steel but, the Evil that Pelor is targetting. Galaxis, writhing in pain and rolling about, tumbles over the edge of the cliffs falling hundreds of feet into the ocean below. Evil dragons take flight some surviving, others succumbing to the holy fire…

Paladinof pelor

A flash of light and Pelor is standing there with you on the stage. Evil decimated in every direction, some dead, others dying. Cinder cries out in pain before flying away to seek shelter.

Aternus is unscathed and the look on his face and the hand on his sword tells you he is undeterred. You can see a primal rage in his eyes as he looks upon Pelor.

“It’s interesting that you would call Xeno a coward Jacob, you are the one hiding from the past.” Says Pelor.

“Get at your meaning old man, these are you last words, choose them carefully.” growls Aternus. “You don’t know how long I have waited for this day, I have watched you die at my hands a thousand times in my mind. You killed my family, you destroyed my life.”

“No,” yells Pelor “You destroyed that yourself.”

“My own Order of Paladins murdered my family at your command!” cried Aternus.

“Hundreds of years have passed and you still lie to yourself my Son. On your final Crusade, as you were set to leave the Order, you brought something dark back with you. You were possessed by the spirit of Tharizdun, the Chained God. The demon who created the Abyss. You attacked and killed several Paladins on the trip home. Those who escaped regrouped with the rest of the Order and went to protect your family. Those Paladins died trying to protect your family from you. Once you wiped them out you murdered your wife and children. They died by your hands.”

Tears stream down Aternus face,“No, that is not true Father.”

“Yes it is, you know it is true. You have been punishing yourself for all these years. You disappeared into vast Abyss before I could reach you. I searched for you but, believed that you were destroyed by Tharizdun. Years later I heard rumors of a dark paladin leading the Devils of the Nine Hells against the Demons of the Abyss in there endless war. I didn’t want to believe it was you Jacob. I could not accept that a pillar of light cold be consumed by darkness. Now I believe Tharizdun planned to turn us against each other in hopes that we would destroy each other.”

Aternus falls to his knees, devastated. He is crying hysterically, a man completely broken by reality.

Pelor says,“If it would change what happened that day, I would tear down everyone of my temples brick by brick with you.” It’s time to come home and let the healing begin"

Pelor places his hand on Jacob’s shoulder and with another flash of flight Pelor and Jacob disappear together.

Destruction surrounds you but, you can see Cinder making his way back to you. He lands and demands to know where Aternus is. Then he changes his mind.

“It doesn’t matter, he was just a pawn in my game. Tiamat has sent me to destroy you!” Cinder inhales and then unleashes her firey breath weapon upon the party.

Aternus'Response to Xeno

Aternus stares at Xeno in disbelief…

“Insanity? Maybe I am insane. Maybe I was a fool to warn you. I should have let you wait until Wrath was tearing you apart with his blades, blood and guts pouring through your hands onto the floor. I should have waited until the Gods that oppose you had the noose so tight around your neck that death was inevitable.”

Aternus pauses, “In all honesty, I did not expect your help nor care for your well being. I did not invite you here to join my cause, only to let you know what hides in the shadows. I invited you here, I warned you out of respect. Respect that is obviously not mutual. If it were not for Argo, you would still be hiding in a whole in the mountain. Praying that some harmless Orcs weren’t marching on Dresden Stronghold to finish your people off.”

“Your pathetic and your wasting my time. Run and hide, you coward.”

Aternus' offer

Note: This takes place 2 years after apocalypse was averted.

Mroczny paladyn

Aternus summons Argo, Xeno and Strife to Kinden. When you arrive you see a huge army gathering. You also see representatives from every major kingdom and clan setting up camp in the forest just outside the city. Aternus has an announcement to make. Meanwhile, an army of Blackguards, Evil Clerics, Necromancers, Evil Dragons and Undead are gathering. Aternus can be seen riding atop Cinder, his Ancient half Red – Half Shadow Dragon, and watching every move very carefully. The citizens of Kinden seem unsettled but, Aternus has promised no harm will come to anyone.


People file into the city, you recognize some familiar faces and some unexpected guests like dark elves and orc clans. Aternus climbs off Cinder and stands on a makeshift platform he has had created. He thanks everyone for coming with a smug look on his face. He calls Argo, Xeno and Strife up onto the stage…

With Xeno, Argo and Strife standing behind him Aternus addresses the crowd. “The future, how much would you pay to know what the future holds? My friends and I have seen the future. An alternate future, a time and place where this world was utterly destroyed by the Gods that rule it.”

Aternus asks one of his men where the sphere is? A glowing sphere composed of balls of bright light floats before Aternus.

Light ball by shikamaru47

“This sphere is from that future time. When the greatest sages on this plane realized the world was coming to an end they made an effort to save all their knowledge for whoever might survive. Thus the Sphere of Knowledge was born, beyond the insight of thousands of sages, it has untold power.”

Aternus motions towards the sphere and explains the sphere is showing all the major cities a vision of what is taking place today. “I don’t want anyone left out.”

…A large vision appears above Kinden, Dresden, Triconia, Rosewater and countless other cities in the realms.

“I want everyone to see this. The Gods are weak and pathetic. At this very time they are desperately trying to hold onto their power. You, all of you, owe me your lives. No, you owe the four of us your lives. When we found ourselves in a scorched world, in an apocolyptic future, we wouldn’t give up hope.”

“We found a way to turn back the hands of time, we defeated the Greater Evil and saved the world as you know it. And what thanks did we receive from the Gods? Fear, Hatred, Jealousy…Instead of seeing us as saviors they viewed us as a threat. Anyone, who has ambitions of greater power, is a threat.”

“The Gods have set in motion plans to destroy us. "

The Sphere of Knowledge displays a scene where the Gods are meeting, makes plans for the future.

“He is reckless and uncontrollable,” says Moradin – God of Dwarves. “He will change sides at the drop of a hat, the only code he believes in is his own,” adds Pelor – God of Sun, Light & Healing. Boccob – God of Magic says “His power grows with each passing day.” “His debt to me remains unpaid,” interrupts Nerull – God of the Underworld. “He served his purpose he should return to exile,” proclaims Pelor.

Dimmu borgir grim reaper

Aternus addresses the confused crowd,“The are not talking about me, they are referring to Argo.” With the Time of Great Troubles and Elishar out of the picture, they want Argo to return to exile. To spend an Eternity in Solitude."

“They have released a great menace onto the Kingdom of Kinden.”

The sphere shows a scene from the dark streets of the capital city of Kinden. A Dark Elf is rushing towards the castle with both swords drawn. His usual calm and cool demeanor is gone, the fear in his eyes is like that of a hunted animal. Dain knows he is being followed but, his message from Cera for Xeno is of the highest importance.

Suddenly darkness from above crashes down on him, a flurry of steel and blood leave Dain slumped on the ground. He can’t breathe, when he reaches for his neck he can feel a gash and a gaping hole where his throat should be. Blood is pouring from a half dozen other wounds…his attacker merely circles him, taking pleasure in watching his life escaping and pouring onto the cobblestone streets. Dain is fading fast, in his final act he begins to write the name of his assailant on the ground in his own blood.


Artemis entreri by aditya777

Wrath lets out a sigh, “Stupid elf. Xeno won’t know I am here until it is too late…I am going to finish what I started”

Wrath slides his boot through the bloody letters making them incomprehensible and vultures some belongings from Dain’s body before disappearing into the shadows.>

“They Gods have called for the destruction of Strife…”

The Sphere of Knowledge displays a scene on the Orc Plane “You call yourself a Son of Grumsh, you call yourself my son?” Grumsh brutally beats the Orc Warlord until his hands bleed and the Orc Warlord’s face is a bloody mess. His eyes are swelling shut while blood pours from his mouth and nose. The only thing keeping him standing are the chains that bind him.

“Twice, you have emberrassed me. Twice, you have fallen at the hands of Strife Cade. This is your final chance, you will take a priest with you and hunt him down. I want his head on a pike! If you don’t succeed, don’t ever come back here, you are no Son of Grumsh.”


Aternus addresses the crowd again,“I have also been the subject of attacks but, the attempts however malevolent were so weak and heartless the details are insignificant. I’ll just say that Cinder has fed on the remains of several Avatars in days past. The Gods have attacked me and my friends. On this day, I declare a War with the Gods!”


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